• Welcome to Tech Camp 2013

    July 29-August 2, 2013
    If you have questions, please contact:

    Teacher Forms for Reimbursement:
    *Click on the link below to download & save to your desktop.
    You may complete the form electronically and print out or you may handwrite the information.
    All reimbursement forms should be turned in by the end of Tech Camp on Friday or after your last session.
    Trainer Reimbursement Hours (All teachers who are participating in the SIS Train-the-Trainer Sessions on Monday & Tuesday)

    Important Information Emailed about Tech Camp:
    Hi all,

    We hope your summer is going well. It is hard to believe that Tech Camp is less than a week away. With this in mind, there are a few items that you need to do to prepare for your sessions. We have tried to cover everything that  we can think of, but don't hesitate to email us if you have questions.

    We are not sending out individual reminders about which sessions you signed up for. We did this at the end of the school year. You can also check by logging in to your Schoolwires account (website for the district) and clicking on the session on the district calendar. If you signed up, it will say you are registered.

    Melissa Fedigan has been assigned to be the full-time tech coach/eAcademy coordinator for this school year. You may want to keep this in mind as you think about how and when you would like to use technology this year. She will be available more often than she was last year.

    Train-the-Trainers Session for SIS (Monday (8-3)-Tuesday (8-3)-Wednesday (8-11))
    Location: high school library
    Trainers: SchoolBook trainers
    We decided to be in air conditioning and gather around the tables in here for comfort. This is a large group of people-over 40. SchoolBook is sending trainers to us the first day. Please be on time and have your laptops fully charged-due to space you may not be able to easily charge if you did not ahead of time.

    If you need to pick up your laptop from the technology department, please do so before Monday morning.

    The elementary will have different information in their packets than the rest of the teachers attending.

    We will be spending Tuesday working together to come up with a training plan to share with over 45 teachers on Wednesday morning.

    SIS Preview (Wednesday 8-11 AM)
    Location: Rooms will vary—Locations will be posted outside the main office at the high school the morning of the training.
    Trainers: various teachers in our district who signed up for "Train-the-Trainer" on Monday and Tuesday

    Please bring your charged laptop. If you need to pick up your laptop from the technology department, please do so before Wednesday morning.

    Every attempt will be made to put you in a small group with trainers from your buildings/grade levels. There will be several trainers in each group to help individuals with specific questions throughout the morning.

    iPad in the Classroom (Wednesday 12-3 PM)
    Location: Room 128 (Lifeskills room)-back the hall from the cafeteria and heading towards Gym B.
    Trainers: Matt Curry & Melissa Fedigan

    Please read and complete the following if you are attending this session:
    • Update iPad: go to your "settings" app—under "general" select "software update" to be sure the software if current. If it needs to be updated, please do so before Tech Camp. The update could take some time.
    • Apple ID: If you have an Apple ID, please make sure that you know your user name and password. If you need an Apple ID, please register for one before Tech Camp. You can go to the App Store and search for a free app. When you try to download it, you will be prompted to log in or create an Apple ID. By using this method, you can create an ID without entering credit card information (highly discouraged & we will discuss this at Tech Camp.)
    • Please charge your iPad fully. We will not have access to chargers or easy access to outlets.
    • You may also find it helpful to bring your laptop to search for some of the items we will be discussing.
    • Bring general questions you have about your iPad—we will attempt to answer them by the end of the session. We will not be covering general "how to get around the iPad" because this training has been offered to most of you last year or in the Summer Academy.
    • Here is a link to my training slides if you want to see them: Click Here
    • We welcome people to share Apps that you have found to be useful. There will be a time for sharing and exploring. Please feel free to share your great finds with us!

    Apple TV (Thursday 8-11 AM)
    Location: Room 128 (Lifeskills room at the high school)-back the hall from the cafeteria and heading towards Gym B.
    Trainers: Matt Curry (Jen Weible and Melissa Fedigan-in and out)

    Bring your fully charged laptop.
    If you have an iPad, bring it fully charged.
    You may bring your Eno pen to have it synced to your laptop.

    We will cover how to connect and use the Apple TV with you laptop, iPad, USB Doc Camera, Interactive Whiteboard, CPS Clickers and more. You will also learn how to connect to show a DVD and other special features.

    There will be some practice time for participants, if interested.


    Project Building & Collaboration (Thursday & Friday in blocks of 3 hrs: 8-11 AM & 12-3 PM)
    Location: library and nearby rooms as needed (eAcademy teachers will probably be in the old computer lab connected to the library).
    Trainers: Matt Curry, Melissa Fedigan, and Jen Weible

    Please bring your laptops, iPads, and other course materials as needed. You will have time to work on projects which integrate technology into your teaching. This time is very important since the new teacher evaluations require regular use of technology to engage students.

    eAcademy teachers will have time to review, update, finish and re-evaluate the courses that have been started during the past 2 years. These teachers should be ready to launch their courses at the beginning of this school year. I will be directly involved in helping all of you with questions, technical issues, and more. Mr. London will stop by at some point to discuss the district's vision for online learning.

    This is a time to collaborate, work, share and learn about new ideas.

    You will be required to write a short description of what you did in this session on your purple evaluation sheet.

    See you next week!

    Melissa Fedigan
    & Matt Curry