We will be having meetings for students planning on participating in a fall sport for the 2018 - 2019 school year. If you can't make the meeting, you can pick up the forms in the Athletic Office at the High School, the Middle School Office or print them off the Athletic Pages on the school website.
    The meeting at the High School will be held on Wednesday, May 9, at 10:20 am in the cafeteria for students currently in grades 8th - 11th.
    The meeting at the Middle School will be held on Thursday, May 10 at 10:15 pm in the cafeteria for students currently in grades 6th - 7th.
    Fall Sports

    Basketball - Girls (7-8)
    Cheerleading (7-12)
     Cross Country - (7-12)
      Football (7-12)
      Golf - Boys & Girls (9-12)
     Soccer - Boys & Girls (9-12)
      Soccer - CoEd (7-8)
     Tennis - Girls (9-12)
      Volleyball - Girls (9-12)

    Every athlete participating in a fall sport needs the following forms filled out and returned to the Athletic Office at the High School by the dates listed below:
    Sports Eligibility Packet: (Return by Friday, June 1, 2018)
    • Sport Eligibility
    • Drug/Alcohol Policy
    • Insurance information
    • PIAA Section 1: Personal and Emergency Information

    PIAA Physical Forms: (Return by Monday, August 6, 2018)
    • Section 2: Certification of Parent/Guardian
    • Section 3: Understanding of Risk of Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Section 4: Understanding of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symptoms and Warning Signs
    • Section 5: Health Form
    • Section 6: PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation and Certification of Authorized Medical Examiner


    NOTE: Any athlete can get a physical for participation in any sport for the 2018-2019 school year at any time beginning June 1, 2018. The form used must be the P.I.A.A. physical form. NO other form can be accepted. This does not eliminate recertification. Only one physical per year is required but that must be for the FIRST sport the athlete participates in for the new school year.
    1. You can call 814-938-1698 to schedule an appointment for a physical with Dr. Simpson.  His office is located at the Punxsutawney Area Hospital.  There will be no charge for this service.
    2. You may also choose to take your child to a physician of your choice with the expense being incurred by you.
    3. All athletes participating in a fall sport MUST have their physicals completed and all paperwork turned into the athletic office no later than Monday, August 6, 2018You can drop your physical and paperwork off at the Athletic Office during the summer from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. 
    4. Practice begins Monday, August 13, 2018.




Last Modified on April 23, 2018